“We met Karen and Diego in the summer of 2012  - a chance find on trip advisor which seemed to meet our needs for a family with lots of different wishes!

Sicily was all we could have imagined - a heady mix of astonishing history and culture and remaining resoundingly Sicilian. We loved it.

Karen and Diego welcomed us with a genuine warmth and interest which is their trade mark. Their goal is to ensure each holiday maker has the holiday which suits them - and they take time to work that out and make countless firm friends along the way.

Our explorations and conversations led us quickly to see that marrying in Sicily would work for us. We wanted something incredibly intimate private and family orientated. Karen immediately tuned in to this desire and helped shape our thinking in a thoughtful and supportive way.

We are very spontaneous and not hugely organised - every organiser’s nightmare - Karen just took this in her stride and gently and firmly directed us to organise the necessities - which turned out to be surprisingly easy to enable us to marry abroad.

With Diego’s local expertise and networks any idea could be turned into reality.

Over time and a couple of visits and long-distance conversations the plans shaped up and we came to feel that Karen and Diego were not just our wedding organisers - but had actually become part of our celebrations and joy.

We married in the picture postcard hill top village of Castelmola in the ground of the ruined Castel itself. Accompanied by our five children, Diego and Karen officiated the wedding and accompanied by the beautiful backdrop of a classical guitar we married under the pine trees overlooking the sea.

It was the perfect wedding we wanted - quiet, intimate, personal and very gentle. I know from our visits that they also manage weddings  on a very lavish scale and what ever your preference is you will be assured that these two amazing people will make your day the one you wish it to be.

We are indebted to Karen and Diego for sharing their house, their expertise and  their kindness. They are very special people and I would strongly recommend you take a holiday with them first and let them marry you thereafter!”

Sarah & Chris