Ceremonies & Paperwork

Legalities for your Italian Wedding

The main concern for couples deciding on a destination wedding is the legal paperwork involved. Getting married in Italy does involve some paperwork and the requirements do vary depending on your nationalities.

Collating the paperwork can be confusing however Forever Sicily will guide you through any process that you need to complete in your home country and assist you with all legally required paperwork in Italy.

With our knowledge and experience in processing your documentation you can rest assured that when it comes to your wedding everything will have been taken care of.

Civil Weddings

Couples getting legally married in Italy are amazed at the glory and elegance of the civil ceremony. The Mayor or Representative of the town dons the traditional Italian red, white and green sash and reads the articles of law governing the rights and responsibilities of married couples.

As this is read to you in Italian you are legally obliged to have an interpreter present throughout the ceremony, even if you or your partner can speak Italian. The interpreter should be a professional who will sign and make an oath to translate accordingly and within the law.

Civil weddings generally take place in town halls which range from 14th century elegant palazzos, open air castle ruins to medieval auditoriums.  These venues offer stunning gardens, courtyards or terraces, some overlooking the sea or the spectacular Sicilian countryside.

The ceremony lasts approximately 20 minutes in its pure form but you can personalise it with your own vows, readings and music injecting your personalities and individual style in to the ceremony.

There is some legal paperwork to be completed before you can get married which we will assist you with all legalities, making it a very easy process.  This also involves a visit to the local commune usually 2 days before the wedding day to complete the official documentation. 

Although we work closely with 4 chosen ceremony venues we are not affiliated to any specific venue and are more than happy to work with a venue of your choice.

Symbolic Ceremony

Symbolic blessings are not legally binding but they are a wonderful option: if you would prefer not to complete the paperwork that is required for a civil or religious ceremony, for same sex unions and for renewal of your vows and commitment to each other.

A symbolic wedding or commitment ceremony captures the romance and importance of celebrating your love, while providing flexibility and allowing you to personalise the ceremony so that it represents both of your personalities.

A great aspect of a symbolic ceremony is that it can be performed in any location of your choice; on the beach, in a romantic botanical garden or in the courtyard of a medieval castle. Anyone can perform the actual ceremony, be it a symbolic minister, a trusted friend or a member of the clergy or state.  Since it is ‘symbolic’ ceremony no paperwork is necessary.

Many couples choose to have a symbolic ceremony on the beach or in the grounds of their venue after they have been married in a civil ceremony elsewhere the day before or on that morning. 

Catholic Wedding

Some of the most amazing churches in the world are located in Italy and in Taormina alone we offer over 12 unique churches.  The Chiesa Madonna della Rocca church dates back to the 12th century, built out of a rock and rising 348 meters above sea level, this unique venue provides the most evocative and majestic scenery that Sicily has to offer. Chiesa del Varo dates back to the 15th century and is hidden in one of Taormina secret piazzas and the simply elegant church Chiesa Santa Caterina is located in the heart of Taormina. To name these few does not do justice to the many churches in Taormina and its surrounding villages and larger cities, with amazing architecture and mind blowing history, where your Catholic wedding can be celebrated.

Catholic weddings in Italy can only be celebrated inside consecrated churches by a Catholic priest and can be legally binding at the discretion of the Priest. There is a procedure that you must follow before you can be married inside the Catholic Church and we will guide you by making sure that all of the correct steps have been taken at the correct times.

You are welcome to bring your Priest from home or we can arrange an English-speaking Priest for your ceremony. There will be a chance to talk to the Priest performing your ceremony and work with him to personalise it, just as you would at home.

Christian and Jewish weddings

Christian weddings can be celebrated in the delightful St Georges Anglican church located in Taormina.  Built in 1920 surrounded by beautiful gardens this offers a perfect spot for your aperitif.

There is some paperwork to be completed and other steps that the church will require you to take but we can guide you through this process.

Italy has a rich and long Jewish cultural heritage making it a very special county in which to host your wedding celebrations.  You can celebrate your Orthodox ceremony in one of Sicily’s beautiful hotels, castle ruins or botanical gardens.

The Rabbi is open to celebrating an Orthodox wedding in a private castle or villa under a beautiful chuppah. You will require permission from your Rabbi at home, who will prepare the required religious paperwork to be presented to the Orthodox Rabbi in Italy.

Only Orthodox Jewish ceremonies can be legally recognised, all other Jewish couples must have a separate civil ceremony before their wedding, we shall guide you through all the legal paperwork required.

Forever Sicily can arrange for a Reform Rabbi or you can bring your own Rabbi from home to conduct your ceremony. Your wedding could take place in a private location, such as the beach, a villa or castle.